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NTP’s main objective is to provide professional, dependable, and streamlined copywriting and copyediting services to students, professionals, academia, corporate, etc.


We review and correct your written material to improve accuracy, readability and fitness for its purpose.


We review your publication to detect and correct production errors and ensure that it is free of error, omission, inconsistency, and repetition.


We write text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing for your product, service or brand.


1. All contents will be original, tailor-made, and optimised to suit your requirements.

2. High quality professional proofreading and editing services at the fastest turnaround time.

3. We ensure to meet all turn-around times.

If you’re looking for a truly extra pair of eyes with professional expertise approach in looking over your scripts,


Naa, The Proofer Ltd ensures discretion and privacy for you, our clients and your texts. This page describes what data is employed by NTP and how we use this data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

GDPR is a set of rules on how data is collected, stored, and used in the European Union.

Upon contacting NTP about proofreading, copyediting or writing work, we keep your contact details on our password-protected computers and phones.

These details include name, address (email and postal), phone number, website address, among others, which are used to communicate with our clients during ongoing work and for future contracts.

Our client’s contact details are kept securely.
Data is seen only by the editors and company accountant.

Online storage systems or word-processing software such as Dropbox or Google Docs are occasionally used upon request.

We can review or delete any such data upon request, or clarify the retained data in our care.

Contact details also appear on our CRM—which is also seen by our editors and accountant.

We can also anonymize or pseudonymize it upon request.

Occasionally, when requested and by mutual agreement, we use online storage systems or wordprocessing software such as Dropbox or Google Docs.

We safeguard your work by the of external storage drives for future reference. If asked, we can delete such files upon completion of project.

We value confidentiality and understand its relevance to business; hence, we do regular reviews of our privacy settings, policies and practices to suit clients.

Scope Of Work

Editing terms can cause confusion between authors and editors. It is important that you know the kind of service your script requires, and the scope of work entailed in each type of editing. There may be slight differences between the scope of work involved within each type of editing across editing companies. Here are the types of editing NTP offers and their meanings. Remember that this is not set in stone and you can always contact us for clarity.

PROOFREADING (Mechanical Editing)

Proofreading services are usually the last review done on any content before it is made public for consumption. The services include reviews concerning grammar, spelling, punctuation, subject-verb agreement, capitalization, pronouns, spacing, and verb-tense consistency. NTP will ensure that your audience finds your final product grammatically perfect, clear, and pleasing to read. Other radical changes that may be expected will fall under the subsequent levels of copyediting.


Many people opt for proofreading services when what they need are copyediting services, and this is because they mistake proofreading services for copyediting services. Copyediting is a process that combines both science and art. The entire process of copyediting is an improvement of the proofreading service and it is centred around the five Cs—writing that is correct, concise, clear, complete, and consistent. This is done in various steps and details. NTP editors will ensure that the original tone of your work is not altered while improving your script. A revision-tracking system—Microsoft Word’s Track Changes feature or GoogleDocs Edit feature where changes can be reviewed by the client is used. The changes can be accepted or rejected with the click of a button.

a. Basic Copyediting

Here, the editor will go beyond proofreading the script. This level of copyediting involves the editor identifying and amending sentence and paragraph structure, replacing repetitive words with synonyms, eliminating redundant words, improving parallel structures, as well as ensuring formatting consistency.

b. Heavy Copyediting

The editor will employ a more intensive look at the meaning of each sentence in the script. This is characterised by replacing weak words, phrases, and sentences with potent alternatives. The heavy copyediting services ensure the adherence to your preferred style (i.e. The APA style, the Chicago Manual, Associated Press, etc.) of your script. NTP employs this type of editing for Academic contents, unless otherwise requested by the client.

c. Substantive Copyediting (Line Editing)

For substantive copyediting services, the editor will rewrite major portions of your document. If you need help writing your paper and not just editing, then this is the recommended type of copyediting for you. This type of editing is laborious and costly. It is important that the author reviews the edited work to ensure that the editor’s review hasn’t altered the tone and message of the paper.

d. Developmental Copyediting

The scope of work for developmental copyediting involves the editor rewriting your script while educating the author on how to write better. Think big picture. Your original content will change significantly, and there will be new content additions if the editor feels argument made in the paper are weak. New research, references, and citations may also be included. It should be noted that rewrites often alter the author’s original voice, and usually requires numerous revisions to get the content right. It is important that you budget and plan your schedule accordingly for this level of service.

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