We review and correct your written material to improve accuracy, readability and fitness for its purpose.


We review your publication to detect and correct production errors and ensure that it is free of error, omission, inconsistency, and repetition.


We write texts for the purpose of advertising and other forms of marketing for your product, service or brand.

We provide in-house copywriting and copyediting services from basic error correction to full copyediting; including application reviews.


If you are insecure about commas, phrases, capital letters, bad syntax, and transition in your written content, we are available to help.

For the purpose of ensuring the highest standard of service quality, our editors and writers have a minimum of Masters qualifications in all subject areas from top universities and have at least, 3 years of experience copyediting and copywriting.

Why we need full disclosure prior to editing and writing.

Our job as your editors is to give you the best chance at a successful book. Thus, it is important that we tailor our proofreading, copyediting, and advice to your exact needs. We can only do this by understanding the context of your work. Hence, full disclosure is important before work starts.

How do we help you achieve the anticipated results?

Any regular English scholar can proofread your spelling, grammar, or punctuation. However, optimum editing goes beyond these; we will be giving you guidance and expertise advice honed from years of experience to breathe life into your work. We will help your work flow smoothly from one idea/line/paragraph to the next, erase ambiguity and duplication, check for consistency and conciseness without ever compromising your tone or approach, so your unique voice comes through.

Benefits of working with us

With years of experience running a freelance editing and writing business, we have a wide range of expertise spanning across academia, business, creative, website, and personal contents. Our experience also informs our professionalism—the one thing we are known for, our on-target services, personalised editing to every customer, and the building of trust between you, us, and your audience.


Academic Content​

Experienced, expert academic copy editing and proofreading for students, including essays, dissertations, theses, personal statements, reports, studies, manuscripts, and other academic papers.

Business Content

Professional, expert business editing and proofreading for documents, reports, guides, proposals, RFPs, product and service descriptions, online content, articles, presentations, manuals, and more.

Website Content

Complete website copy editing and proofreading for web page copy, social media posts, home and about pages, product and service descriptions, blog posts, and other types of online content.

Advice and feedback for work improvement

Practical suggestions and feedback to strengthen your writing and position your content with your audience. Includes advice on structure, flow, clarification, and expanding on points and ideas.

Editing aftercare, support, and reassurance

Rest assured that our head editor will re-check and proofread minor changes, edits, or rewrites to your work as a result of our advice, suggestions, or feedback. Aftercare is included at no extra charge.

This is what our clients say about us

“So, I contacted Naa personally the very last few hours left for my thesis submission (caveat: only do so if you can afford express services) and she came through! She was very professional and delivered my work right on time as promised. Experience and work delivered....10/10. What’s even better, I was given a discount!”
Afua Nhyira Kodua
MSc. International Business, University of Stirling, Scotland
“It is always difficult putting words together as many of us are aware. As a travel blogger, it’s good to put out good write-up to keep your audience glued and entertained. Naa, the Proofer has helped me tremendously in this regard as they have proofread every post I have put up and added the “magic touch” to each post. They have also worked on other documents for me which have all been excellently done. From their very professional service and working on my posts and sometimes delivering before the due date, I will highly recommend them for any work you have.”
Kwame Botu-Asante (Ghana)
Travel blogger, Cedi Travels
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