What piques your interest in deciding to patronise a product/service? Do you do basic background checks on who is offering that product/service? How and where do you do this?

All the answers to the questins above are to be found in the company profile. As a business owner, your business, no matter its size needs a company profile. The contents of your company profile should entice and captivate the reader’s attention while marketing your company.

Here are some tips to consider in the quest to generate a captivating company profile:

  • Depending on what function you want your business profile to serve, there are diverse ways your company profile can be written. It could be for the company website, your investment plans, or trade portfolio. Your company profile needs to be written to speak to its purpose. To make this as organised as it should be, identify the purpose for which you are writing your company profile and make a list of the relevant subject areas of your business you would want to know as a reader. Choose a tone that matches your ideal audience profile; make it an easy read yet giving readers the necessary information. Company profiles are adaptable, so having one for a start makes it worth your while.
  • Tell a story. Stories have always been great ways to keep your audience focused on the information being relayed. Listing dates and events can be a snoozefest if they are not told in a captivating manner. If you were reading your company profile, what would keep you glued to the content? Ask yourself this question and write your profile in such a way that your audience travels with you through it all without getting bored.
  • Create your distinct tone. Every company profile seeks to convey the same message. How then do you ensure that your company profile is unique? One way to do this is to make your profile colourful; let your tone resonate with your target audience. Use strong verbs in the active voice to demonstrate your passion.Take the contrarian perspective while using a not too strong tone. Finally, be honest.
  • Proofread. Have other people read your company profile before publishing it. No matter how good a writer you may be, you can easily develop tunnel vision and other pairs of eyes can help spot areas that need some extra appeal. The different opinions from the people who read your profile will help you craft a better company profile than what you already had. Ultimately, having a huge impact on your business.

Just like your physical office, your website is your office on the internet and your social media pages are your virtual outlets that speak for your brand on their respective networks. These sites and pages represent your brand and anything put out there through them points to the values and image of your business. Your business profile should therefore emphasise and speak to your brand’s reputation and authority in your industry, and this can be done mainly with a good story.

It is worth investing resources in and developing with utmost precision.If you need help, we are here to assist.

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